Travel Tales

Lepakshi: Tribute to a valiant bird

Lepakshi temple town in Andhra Pradesh
The most impressive sight in Lepakshi is a multi-headed snake enclosing a Shiv ling

Charmadi Ghat and Jog Falls in the rain

A hedgehog watches over the road to Jog Falls

The Great Indian Monsoon is here….time for a drive

A dirt track at Ardi, near Hebri in Karnataka

Most beautiful railway stations in India: Nandi

Nandi railway station

Most beautiful railway stations in India: Avatihalli

Avatihalli railway station

Most beautiful railway stations in India: Devana Halli

Devana Halli railway station

Most beautiful railway stations in India: Dodjala

Dodjala railway station

Nandi Hills sunrise: I found this blue for you

Yaganti: A Shiva temple enclosed by hills

The temple
The temple complex

A canvas by Mother Nature

Film to watch: The lighthouse of the orcas

Lighthouse in Kaup

Lighthouse in Kaup
You can visit this one in coastal Karnataka

Charmadi Ghat

Charmadi Ghat
Monsoon is the time to drive through the Western Ghats in Karnataka

Bonsai fort

Sultan Battery
Sultan Battery is too big to be a watch tower, but too small to be a fort


Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria
Charming, but who’s looking

The dark secret of Devagiri

Devagiri or Daulatabad fort
Image courtesy: Anupam G

A dark section of the passage leading to the top of this fort near Aurangabad is an attraction and challenge for tourists

Bangalore Fort

Ideal backdrop to narrate the story of the growth of Bengaluru

Golden sand

Katpadi beach

Katpadi beach is near Udupi in coastal Karnataka

Driving in the rain

Charmadi Ghat valley view
Charmadi Ghat valley view. Driving through


Band Box

Pride of Bengaluru

India Travels

India Travels by bus
India Travels by bus

Where public transport is concerned, most people would take the bus. After all, trains can’t go everywhere

Coonoor — How can you not want to be here

Some places are meant only for sitting back and relaxing

NH66: Like driving in city traffic for 300 kilometres

Normally, covering a distance of 330 kilometres would mean a road time of around 7 hours. But for NH66, some recalibration would be necessary

Brihadeesvara temple

Looks like a fort from outside

Facing the heat of a Savji meal

The Savji cuisine is widely available in central India

If I seek adventure, I will call Freya

The ‘Goddess of Love to the Seas’ circumnavigated Australia on a kayak. That’s close to 13,800 kilometres. Alone

30 km of wildlife

Cruise through the home of elephants, deer and tigers

Taking the barge to Sigandur

This is a journey you would not want to do in a hurry.

Feast for a beast

This place is less of a restaurant and more of a home

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