In bad taste: Why a pic of dead tiger in CCD?

Cafe Coffee Day is one of my haunts whenever I am on the road. I like their coffee and I appreciate the availability of a clean loo on highways. I recommend CCD to all budding roadies. I don’t even know for how long I have been a fan of their 24×7 service.

Several times when I was on the road at night, I have stopped at a CCD to catch some sleep before resuming my journey.

Over the years, they have gone well beyond serving coffee. Look, I am not good with coffee or tea, but just having something like this on the highway is good enough for people who like a road trip. So, the expansion of their menu is welcome. I have tried a lot of their stuff, but have not liked much of it. I stick to my favourite coffee.

I get a thrill when I sight a CCD on the highway. As far as possible, I stop by for coffee — whether I need one or not.

So, when I went driving to Bandipur, I stopped at Gundlupete, for what I thought would be my last glass of coffee for a while. I had gone online to their website, but was unable to find any outlets beyond Gundlupete. Could be something to do with the functionality of the website, or my inability to use the right search strings.

Driving inside the forest was a most pleasant experience. But imagine my surprise when I came across a CCD at the other end of the forest. No way was I not going to stop and have a coffee, even though I had one just a while earlier.

The CCD is in the midst of the forest

Before placing my order, I headed to the loo. On the way, I noticed a photograph. Not every CCD has a photograph. This one had a tiger lying on the ground, with some men behind. One was carrying a rifle: He had shot the ‘man-eater.

For a few minutes, I was speechless. Did I want to see a photograph of a dead tiger? Did I want to see a photograph of a tiger that had been shot? Is it heroic for these men to pose with a dead tiger? Was this a photograph to display in a CCD?

The photograph showing some men posing in front of a tiger that had been shot

I felt it was in bad taste. I was in the midst of a tiger reserve. This is their place — that of tigers, elephants, deer and many other animals. This is a place where they thrive. This is a place where I would love to see a tiger in all its glory. Not one that was shot; blood can been seen oozing from its mouth.

I feel CCD should remove this photograph from their outlet in Masinagudi. If any of you feels the same, please try to share your views with CCD.

Location of the CCD

Dhiraj Shetty