Coonoor — how can you not want to be here

Some places are meant only for sitting back and relaxing

Driving from Guruvayur to Bengaluru, I halted overnight in Coonoor. The distance of 235 kilometres can be covered in about 7 hours.

You start with narrow roads and heavy traffic in Guruvayur and all the way up to Thrissur before you hit the 4-lane National Highway 544. Drive up to Coimbatore and take a left towards the Nilgiris.

I deviated from the regular route and opted to take the first available left at the western end of Coimbatore. It took me through the city traffic, which was very heavy.

It was dark by the time I reached the Nilgiris. Driving up to Coonoor is a delight. I definitely want to do this again, in the day time.

I chose to stay at the Taj. I have always wanted to stay in this property of the Taj. It’s a very nice-looking place, very unlike a property in the city.

Straight out of the black & white era
Care for a morning walk?
Or, just sit back and take in the view
This place used to be the house of some bigwig in Coonoor

The location and layout of the rooms are very pretty to look at. The accommodation comprises a sitout and the bedroom.

Welcome to your room
The sitout has a fireplace

Only a few rooms have a fireplace. So, if you want one, better call in advance and say so.

First thing the Taj team enquired on my arrival around 9 pm was whether I had dinner. They suggested having dinner before the check-in formalities

The bathroom is so spacious that you could fit a 1BHK of Mumbai and have some space left over for a garden.

I think this is one of those places every easy-going person must visit. You could stay here for up to a week. They have some games and a small collection of books. Bring your children along. They will enjoy the open spaces.

Good Morning



I left the next morning, to resume my journey, wondering when I can return for a longer stay.

Places nearby

Ooty – 20 km

Coimbatore – 70 km

Mysuru – 145 km

Kochi – 280 km

Bengaluru – 300 km

Chennai – 545 km

Stopped for snacks in Coonoor

Stopped at the city centre in Coonoor for a quick bite
Try the mini idlis
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