Most Beautiful Railway Stations in India: Avatihalli

Avatihalli railway station is over 100 years old. but you can’t tell when you look at this heritage structure from the colonial era. What could be the secret of her age-defying looks

Avatihalli railway station is to the north of Bengaluru, just over 40 km from Majestic, which is the centre of the city. It is over 100 years old. It lies on the rail line from Bengaluru to Chikkaballapura.

Avatihalli railway station is located just off the highway to Hyderabad. The route to the railway station is a bit tricky. A couple of kilometres after Devana Halli town junction on the highway, you need to take a left into the service road on the flyover, near Avatihalli. The tricky part is the entry point to the service road, which is on a curve. There is every chance of missing the left turn. Once you take the left turn, ask for directions to the railway station. 

The closer you get to Avatihalli railway station, the more mesmerised you will be

Looking at Avatihalli railway station from the highway, you can make out the potential for a fantastic venue for cultural events. The structure is very pretty and very photogenic.  It can serve as the backdrop for a photograph. You won’t believe that this railway station is 100 years old.

There is plenty of open space around the building. There is a small orchard, and lots of trees. They are not tall or big enough to offer shade when the Sun is right over your head, but you can always get around that. You could organise events either in the morning or evening. 

After spending some time at Avatihalli, I felt the place would make a fantastic venue for a wedding with the railway station as the backdrop. I do not know if South Western Railway would consider the possibility, though.

Avatihalli railway station: Is 100 her age or her score in a beauty pageant!

The rail line is at a relatively safe distance from the open space, which can be used for cultural events or a weekend market for local produce. The open space is good enough for a large gathering. The railway station can be turned into a rail museum to exhibit the working of signals and other technical aspects of the operation of a railway network.

Avatihalli railway station is over 100 years old, but it does not show on the structure. It appears to have aged well as compared to Dodjala, Devana Halli and Nandi railway stations.

I wanted to ask the secret of her age-defying looks, but…..the door would just not open

I will sign off with a photograph with this age-defying beauty.

I could not resist a selfie with this age-defying beauty, but you should watch the video to see her charms for yourself
My visit to one of the most beautiful railway stations in India: Avatihalli railway station
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