Street Food: Thattukada in Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Street Food of Kerala #letsguide

I came across a shop named Thattukada in Thippasandra, near Indiranagar, in Bengaluru. Thattukada is characteristic of Kerala and refers to roadside eateries. It is a part of the street food culture of India.

This one claimed to offer street food of Kerala. The offering is typical of Thattukadas — tea, fried snacks, parotta – Kerala style, chicken and mutton curry, puttu with kadala curry.

I saw a stream of patrons in the evening. This could also be due to its proximity to the Thippasandra Main Road, which is packed with shops selling household goods and grocery shops.

Thattukada the only table in the eatery
Puttu with chicken curry and kadala curry

The eatery has just one table that can accommodate four persons. Most people relished their tea and snacks like in any streetside eatery — standing on the street. Many patrons opted for a parcel.

This is the second time I am trying street food of Kerala.

Some things always taste best in such eateries. One patron said she visits the shop only for the tea. She added there is a saying in Kerala about there being a Thattukada even on the Moon!

For people who want an option closer home, this is it:

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