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You can relish locally popular snacks at Hotel Renuka

Hot snacks, cool drinks and an interesting story. That’s what I got at Hotel Renuka in Kadari, near Karkala, on the Mangaluru-Solapur highway.

It is a small eatery, abutting the home of the owners. The family has agricultural land, which is the source of ingredients for some of the items on their menu.

Pundi and Goli Baje. On the left is semeda adde (boiled rice noodles)

You can relish locally popular snacks. I tried all of them and each one was yummy. They go well with tea or coffee. But for the adventurous types, I suggest the other drinks on the menu. I tried one based on coconut water and another on Kamakasturi seeds.

The two drinks I tried. Both were good

By the end of the evening, I was so full, there was no scope for dinner.

The eatery is managed by members of a family whose members left well-paying jobs in cities to be in the better environment offered by their village. They work just as hard as they did in the cities, but now have a much more relaxed atmosphere to look forward to at the end of the day.

Wheat halwa and patrade (a Konkani delicacy)

The eatery is popular with people travelling to Sringeri, Shimoga and Kudremukh for breakfast and snacks. It is around 35 kilometres from Kudremukh, about 50 kilometres from Sringeri and 135 kilometres from Shimoga on the road to Mangaluru (aka Mangalore). The eatery is closed for a couple of hours in the second half of the day post-lunch. They re-open at 4 pm.

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