Most Beautiful Railway stations in India: Devana Halli

The heritage structure can serve as a fantastic backdrop for cultural events and picnics

Devana Halli or Devanahalli railway station is to the north of Bengaluru, about 40 km from Majestic, which is the centre of the city. Once you get past the toll plaza before Kempe Gowda International Airport, Bengaluru, slow down at the junction of Devana Halli town. Take the service road to the left. It will take you to Devana Halli Railway Station.

The path leading to one of the most beautiful stations in India: Devana Halli

The path leading Devana Halli Railway Station is nice. On the right is a huge tree, with a platform around. Something like a chaupal.

The new railway station at Devana Halli

Your eyes are drawn to the white modern building in the background, which is the railway station in use. If you look to the left, you will see the old Devana Halli railway station. The Heritage structure has literally been sidelined.

Even though it is right next to the new railway station, it is not being maintained. It is quite possible that all the funds are taken up for maintenance of the new railway station, which is used by people from nearby areas.

The heritage railway station at Devana Halli

Going back to the tree I mentioned earlier, whether by design or by chance, it is a fantastic piece in this entire setting. From a cultural point of view, the tree can form the centrepiece for any event. There is plenty of space for large events, like a weekend market for local produce. There are plenty of trees and the rail line is at a safe distance from this space.

There is every sign that Devana Halli railway station will make a great venue for cultural events and picnics.

This is the space that can be used for cultural events

The old railway station is, without doubt, a beautiful structure. The lack of maintenance shows, but there is scope to redress the damage and turn this heritage building into a showpiece. Again, the heritage structure is at a safe distance from the rail line, and hence suitable for a picnic for school children for a lesson on the history of Indian Railways, and heritage railway stations like Devana Halli, Dodjala, Avatihalli and Nandi.

A bonus is the Devanahalli fort, which is on the other side of the highway. The fort is considered to be the birthplace of Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore who gave the British a run for their money.

My journey to one of the most beautiful railway stations in India: Devana Halli