A canvas by Mother Nature

Lockdown makes us yearn for the outdoors

Weekends are for getaways. Getting out of the city and spending some time in the outdoors is de rigueur.

Cities stifle our freedom. These getaways never fail to show what we are missing as we go about our everyday lives in a city. The beauty of the outdoors and all that nature has to offer is in stark contrast to the drab concrete structures we are stuck in for the most part of our lives.

Driving through a forest, trying to catch a glimpse of wildlife, is one of the highlights of any getaway.

The monsoon makes our landscape look even better. Rain removes the dust off every tree and leaf. The land looks green, the smell of mud is inebriating and the sky looks like a painting.

What more can one ask for!

How many of us long to shift out of cities to rural areas to soak in the outdoors and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. But only a few are able to actually make this move. And, how we envy them!

The lockdown put an abrupt end to our getaways. After more than two months indoors, city dwellers are yearning to hit the road and for the outdoors.

This yearning was satisfied in a rather fortuitous turn of events in the first week of June. While I was longing for the outdoors, it seemed like Mother Nature decided to come to me. This is the canvas that she laid out in front of my house.

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