Seafood that tastes like home food

A great seafood joint at Udupi

Good seafood is not easy to get. A friend recommended Hotel Timmappa at Karavali Junction in Udupi. It is a simple-looking place on the road leading to Malpe.

From the outside, the place looks small. But once inside, you can see a lot of seating. There is even a special section for the office crowd. I saw several groups of men and women inside. I sat outside, in the middle room, facing the main seating area and the frying plates.

The fishes were being cooked right in front of customers and served piping hot.


The meal is served on a plantain leaf. Once you have washed the leaf, you are served pickle and a sabzi. This is followed by rice and fish curry. That constitutes the basic meal.

Then servers make the rounds offering various kinds of fish. I tried everything that was available — surmai, kalluru, bhangda and disco fish. You can also get pompret, but that day, fishermen could not venture far due to Cyclone Ockhi.


The meals tatstes fantastic, to say the least. It’s nice to see the fish being cooked right in front your eyes before being served to you.

The restaurant was started by Timmappa and his wife about 50 years ago. Now, it is being run by their sons. The masala is home-made and the fish is fresh catch. You can tell by the taste.


In fact, when I was done, I felt why did I come here when I could have got all of this at home!

Dhiraj Shetty