Most Beautiful Railway Stations in India: Dodjala

Dodjala is one of the most beautiful railway stations in India. It is from the colonial era. The station is over 100 years old. Very photogenic

Dodjala railway station is in north Bengaluru, about 30 km from Majestic, which is the centre of the city. It is one of the railway stations of the colonial era that South Western Railway plans to re-purpose. The station is over 100 years old. It is no longer relevant in terms of the movement of freight or passengers.

The station is off the highway to Hyderabad, and is located before the Kempe Gowda International Airport. You need to take a right before the toll plaza, and then drive for just over a kilometre. Ask for directions.

Dodjala railway station is a small but pretty heritage structure

The station is easily accessible from the road. It lies between the road the railway line. On the other side of the rail line is Dodjala village. 

The station is a very small but pretty structure. South Western Railway plans to set up an art and cultural centre in this heritage building. I can visualise this structure as the backdrop for cultural events, or a picnic.   

The original station is no longer in use. The door was locked. It has been replaced by a functional structure. Or, it is possible that the staff live nearby and come to the station only when it is time for the trains to arrive.

On the other side of the rail line, I saw a volleyball net. There is sufficient space to set up a weekend market for local produce. But overall, the place appears suitable for a small gathering.  A large gathering would not be advisable in view of the rail line being on one side of this open space.

Dodjala railway station is beside a road

Dodjala railway station is a beautiful backdrop for photographs. It looks like a small cottage.

Being on the side of the road, the place is a bit noisy. I wonder how South Western Railway plans to transform this railway station.

Author: Dhiraj Shetty

I am a journalist based in Bengaluru. Every day, every moment, each one of us sees a different aspect of our home, the planet Earth, and its people. Sharing them enables others to indulge in our point of view. Star of Nowhere is my blog about my view of some interesting developments in the world. Could be on any development that piques my curiosity. Centre of South is about my experiences in travel and food. I relish local food and conversations with people in places I visit. I share some of my travel stories and about the food I try. Yea... I guess sometimes people do wonder why is this chap clicking pics of his meal! I would be happy to offer tips or guidance in south India. Most visitors to India are drawn by the Taj Mahal, which is one of the wonders of the world, and the forts of Rajasthan. I invite you to look beyond these two places, at south India. I will be writing about the interesting places in this highly developed part of India, where the people are better educated, enjoy a better standard of living as compared to the rest of India, have built a reliable network of roads and transport services, and can count on state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure. South India is safer than any other part of India, and the gateway to south India is Bengaluru (aka Bangalore). Where do you want to go in south India? I would be happy to be of service to fellow travellers

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