Nandi Hills sunrise: I found this blue for you

I went to watch the sunrise at Nandi Hills. The sight of the rising Sun lighting up Nandi Hills inspired a poem

Nandi Hills, near Bengaluru, is a very popular spot to watch the sunrise. The place is crowded on every weekend. Nandi Hills are about 60 kilometres from the city centre Majestic, off the highway to Hyderabad (Ballari Road).

The trend is to get up early and reach Nandi Hills before 5.30 am and wait for the Sun to rise. I tried something different.

I also went early, but I chose to watch the Sun rise and light up Nandi Hills, and the surrounding countryside. The sight I witnessed inspired me to come up with this poem.

I found this blue for you

Tell me! What they say is it true

Aey so bright, when the sky is so blue

Somewhere from the past,

is your sweetheart thinking of you

You will come across grape orchards and vineyards near Nandi Hills

The summer sun scorches the earth

Weathering the grape turning to ripe

Siddle under the vineyard, berth your self

Take off the hat and fire up your pipe

The road leading to Nandi Hills, which you can see in the background

The wine makes my mind wander

The old man’s tale of a treasure

Beyond the mountain yonder 

All mine to find and plunder 

A prayer hall near Nandi Hills

My boots have worn out

Walking the brown soil for ages

Pursuit of wealth is for those 

In whose veins the blood rages

A place to catch your breath and take in the surroundings of Nandi Hills

For me, thoughts of years gone by

Drinking whiskey and tossing pie

The dope that got me to prance

The girl that cast me in a trance

A hamlet near Nandi Hills is lit up by the rising Sun

Tell me! What they say is it true

Aey so bright, when the sky is so blue

Somewhere from the past,

is your sweetheart thinking of you

Nandi Hills lit up by the rising Sun

I so wish it were true

The body quakes, yet the spirit soars

Sucked the breath out of me

But darling, I found this blue for you

A grape orchard and vineyard on the road leading to Nandi Hills, and its surroundings

Author: Dhiraj Shetty

I am a journalist based in Bengaluru. Every day, every moment, each one of us sees a different aspect of our home, the planet Earth, and its people. Sharing them enables others to indulge in our point of view. Star of Nowhere is my blog about my view of some interesting developments in the world. Could be on any development that piques my curiosity. Centre of South is about my experiences in travel and food. I relish local food and conversations with people in places I visit. I share some of my travel stories and about the food I try. Yea... I guess sometimes people do wonder why is this chap clicking pics of his meal! I would be happy to offer tips or guidance in south India. Most visitors to India are drawn by the Taj Mahal, which is one of the wonders of the world, and the forts of Rajasthan. I invite you to look beyond these two places, at south India. I will be writing about the interesting places in this highly developed part of India, where the people are better educated, enjoy a better standard of living as compared to the rest of India, have built a reliable network of roads and transport services, and can count on state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure. South India is safer than any other part of India, and the gateway to south India is Bengaluru (aka Bangalore). Where do you want to go in south India? I would be happy to be of service to fellow travellers

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